The Man With The Only Hand

“Focus on what you have”

images (2)Károly Takács  was born in Budapest and joined the Hungarian Army. He was very much good in pistol shooting and he decided only one thing in his life that ” this is my right hand and i will make this hand the best shooting hand in the world”. By 1936, he was a world-class pistol shooter.

In 1938, during army training, his right hand was badly injured when a faulty grenade exploded. Now just tell me one thing, Through his whole life he had only one aim.. one goal.. to make his right hand the best shooting hand in the world, but what happens?? right hand gone!!! now??  In such condition any normal person would have thought that why god? Why u did this to me? N he would have blame god for this. But Karoly was different from others.

He went to some secret place and he was determined n practiced in secret. He thought, I don’t have right hand now, So what!!!! I still have left hand with me now I will make this hand the best shooting hand in the  world. Karoly was determined to continue his shooting career and switched to shooting with his left hand n he worked hard consistently and after two years he was ready with his left hand. (We can’t write a sentence with left hand but he decided to make this world’s best shooting hand )

In 1939, he went to hungarian national pistol shooting championship and when he went there his competitors were saying that see, “he has such a good sportsman spirit that he came here to motivate us” Karoly replied, “ I didn’t came here to motivate you, I came here to compete with you! and all started laughing. When the competition was finished, he surprised his countrymen when he won the Hungarian national pistol shooting championship. He didn’t stopped here, he wanted his hand to be world’s best shooting hand.

Karoly had expectations of success at the 1940 Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held in Tokyo. The Olympic Games scheduled for 1940 were cancelled still he didn’t gave up and in 1944 again cancelled due to the Second World War but still he never gave up.

He surprised the world by winning the gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London. He didn’t stopped here..

He won a second gold medal in the same event at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsink.

So what Karoly did to become successful?

“He didn’t focus on what was gone instead he focused on what was left.”

So, Instead of wishing everyday that ‘ If I would have that, I could have done this’, If you start focusing on what you have and work for it then your life will become easy and slowly slowly your mind will start thinking in that direction only and u will start seeing opportunities everywhere!

Yes…it’s Possible!!