One fine morning a father was reading newspaper. And at that time his 5 years old son came and started asking him to play with him. The father was reading a very interesting article and was not in a mood to get up and play with his son, so he decided to give a task to his son, which took his sometime or was very difficult for his son to do. He took a paper which had a world map on it and he tore it in pieces of different land masses and then gave it to son and told, “I am giving you a task if you complete the task I will play with you”. The kid was very excited and demanded for the task. His father told that I have tore the world map into different pieces and now you have to arrange the map accordingly. His son quickly took the pieces and started arranging it. His father thought that now he can read for long time without his son’s disturbance. But as soon as he started reading newspaper his child again disturbed him and said that he had completed the puzzle. His father was amazed when he saw that his child had completed the puzzle. Out of curiosity he asked his child that how had he done it so his child revealed the truth that, “ When you were tearing the pieces, I saw that the backside of the paper had a photo of a man’s face and since I don’t know about world map but I know where the eyes, nose & mouth of a man came so I have arranged it accordingly on a board & then turned it upside down and your map is ready. So I have not arranged the world map but arranged the face of the man & world map automatically gets ready.”
Moral of the story is that if a man gets settled his world automatically gets settled.
Our outer world which we see around us is just a reflection of our inner world. Our inner world is made up of our mind which leads to our Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs & Attitude. If in this four things we are negative then we will only generate negative result in our life like Failure of different aspects in life, Stress, Depression, Diseases, Sadness & Frustration.